Joint Venture Partner Opportunities

It is my firm belief that successful relationships, whether they are of a private or business nature, are based on trust, understanding and a mutual respect. These are the criteria upon which we established the First Contact Health joint venture concept and the philosophy by which we will continue to operate in the future.

The whole team at First Contact Health is totally committed to providing services to our physiotherapy partners. The range and depth of our management support services, coupled with the dedication and endeavour of the joint venture partners, has propelled First Contact Health to the forefront of physiotherapy and musculoskeletal healthcare today.

It is our aim to provide physiotherapists with the business support services they require, giving them the freedom to provide the highest degree of professional care and client service to patients and owners. Our specialist services include; professional development, business planning, accounting facilities, IT implementation, marketing services, purchasing and clinic layout, operational guidance and support – an in-depth and wide-ranging commitment that offers total support, peace of mind, cost-effective growth and manageable success. Indeed, I believe that the success of the First Contact Health joint venture approach will speak for itself.

If you would like to find out more about becoming part of that success through a joint venture, please contact me or a member of the team directly, at your convenience, in total confidence.

First Contact Health

Peter Watson Chairman, First Contact Health

Download Joint Venture Partners Brochure (pdf)